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Toyota VIN Check

Guide To Understanding Your VIN Number

While you were getting your car, you must have heard of the Toyota VIN Decoder. Multiple people must have told you how important it was that you keep a note of your VIN Decoder or Vehicle Identification Number. After all, it would help you know about your car as well as track it down in case of emergency. However, you might think that the license plate is enough to track your car down in case it gets stolen.

As such, you might wonder:

Toyota VIN Check

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Why is VIN so important?

First of all, you need to know that the VIN is a full 17-digit number that’s stamped on your car’s chassis. It will be underneath your plastic trim or in your engine’s bay. Apart from this, you will find the VIN on the passenger and driver’s side door. Know that you will find the VIN under your spare tire, above your car’s rear wheel, and on your insurance giving card too.

This acts as your car’s unique ID code. Know that every car present on earth has a unique VIN that’s specific to them. So apart from your license plate, you can indeed use your VIN to track down your car.

But, that’s not the only thing VIN is useful for. Know that since, unlike other kinds of codes or registration numbers, the VIN can’t be changed. Once it’s given, that’s fixed to the car forever.

What do the various parts of VIN mean?

  • Note that specifically, only the first three numbers represent the make, the model number, and the manufacturer of the car. Now, the fourth number represents the kind of safety features available on the car. Note that the next 5 to 8 digits represent the engine, series, and vehicle-trim level. Along with this, it can also include transmission. 
  • Do keep in mind that the next digit or 9th number is a sort of checking digit that’s used to verify/check your VIN’s authenticity. This 9th digit is made using a formula that includes other digits of the VIN. 
  • The next number- 10, is the year your Toyota model was introduced. Know that if you have the number A as the 10th digit, then it means your car model was introduced in either 1980 or 2010. If it’s B then your car was introduced in the year 1981 or 2011. So it goes on like this. However, you should note that the letter ‘I’ doesn’t exist. It is used to denote the numeral number one. Also keep in mind that the letter H, Q, and U don’t exist. 
  • As for the 11th number, that will help you determine the factory that put together your car or vehicle. 
  • Since VIN has 17 digits and we are down to 11, these last 6 numbers are used by the car company to know about the car internally. For example: if you have a Lexus car then these 6 numbers act as specific Toyota VIN decoders for the company. 

Where can you check your VIN information?

Know that you will check your VIN information on the website of your car’s company. For example: if you have an Audi then you can go to their website to get information regarding even the build of your car. However, if you are finding it difficult to access that then know you will be able to find VIN information very easily on the internet too.

All you have to do is type in the Toyota VIN decoder on the search bar and you will get a lot of sites that will give out information about your car. So it’s really easy to access that information on the internet. Although, you should remember that there are plenty of sites that will ask you for ownership proof. 

Should you check the VIN of a car before buying it?

Know that if you are buying a used car then you should check the VIN before buying it. This will allow you to know if the car has a suspicious history associated with it or not. Also, note that you should check if the VIN present on the chassis is different from the one that’s present on the logbook or the car’s registration document. 

Know that if you find any irregularities or anything that’s not normal, then you should walk away from the car. Transplanting VINs from one car to the other is a famous way of hiding stolen cars. So you should always check it and be wary of anything not normal. After all, this system is designed to be foolproof

Is the VIN similar to the chassis or engine number?

Know that Toyota VIN Decoder is sometimes called a chassis number. So don’t get confused if someone refers to it by the latter name. However, this isn’t similar to the engine number since that’s not always fixed to your car. As such, it can be changed and if that happens then the number will change too. 

So the engine number isn’t reliable for checking the authenticity and registration of a car. Note that it is also not the VIN at all. Instead, the engine number will help you know about the output power and size of the engine. 

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is an unchangeable number that’s alloted to every vehicle on this earth. If a vehicle doesn’t have this number, then it’s not legal. Note that sometimes VIN is referred to as the chassis number as well. So you shouldn’t get confused. VIN is extremely useful when you are buying used cars. If the number in the logbook doesn’t match the one present in the chassis, then you should be alert. As such, knowing the VIN will save your life and money. 

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