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VIN Check Germany is the best place to research cars before purchasing one. Use it before purchasing any used car. Check vehicle accidents, odometer history, market value, decoder, equipment details…


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A used car is convenient to buy as close as possible because it would bewise to review it + Free VIN Check Europe first with your own eye or with a specialist. However, if thechoice of the home market remains small, it is worth looking abroad.

The purchase of a car from Germany or elsewhere in Western Europe isfavoured by a significantly higher choice and sometimes a slightly morefavourable sale price. In the interest of American cars, it is worthconsidering the possibility of importing a car into Europe from the USA.

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Check any German or European car VIN code with our checker.

VIN Check or FIN nummer is a service that provides information on vehicles with decoder tool. We provide reports for all makes and models, including new cars, used cars, classic cars and motorcycles.

Information about German Vehicles

German produces many know brands like BMW, Mercedes VIN Decoder, Audi, Porsche etc

Buying from Germany

By categories, auctions are divided into three: closed, open and “buy now” auctions. In open auctions, all users see the highest bid of the moment, with closed bids sent as if in an envelope – you don’t see the bids of others and others don’t see yours. “Buy Now” – the auction has a certain price, but it is likely that the vehicle will have to be purchased at a slightly more expensive price than the bids for the auction.

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What are German car portals?

The most popular German car sales website is  From there, both Germany and other European countries find cars for sale. Germany has a very good choice of cars for their own brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc.

What are German car portals?

For the German used car market, the trade-in value for vehicles is not primarily based on mileage or age, but on the production year.

There are some factors that make the German used car market different from other countries. The trade-in value for vehicles is not primarily based on mileage or age, but on the production year. This makes sense because cars in Europe are typically more expensive than they are in North America or Asia, and cars produced before 2004 will be cheaper than those made after 2004.

Check the vehicle documents with VIN Decoder

If purchased, it is necessary to ensure that the car is immediately accompanied by all documents so that they are genuine and complete (e.g. in Germany, Sweden and Finland a two-part registration certificate is issued) so that the VIN code of the car is not tampered with, counterfeit or unreadable. A local traffic register can be helpful in determining the authenticity of documents in another country. Use VIN decoder Germany to see vehicle’s equipment and background history.

VIN Check Germany databases

VIN Check Germany for Free (VIN Deutschland) is an online service that provides information about vehicles. We have access to databases with over 2,000,000 records of car history and we can provide you with detailed data on any vehicle. You will be able to see if your potential purchase has been in accidents or had previous owners who were not financially responsible. Our goal is to make sure that you are making an informed decision before purchasing a vehicle.

What does Full VIN Report contain?

Whether it’s just curiosity or serious research, our Full VIN Report gives you all the details about any given vehicle so that you can make an informed decision before buying it! It’s quick and easy – enter your VIN code into the form below and wait for response (we check from different databases). 

If everything looks good then go ahead and buy Full VIN report which includes more than 50 pieces of data on every single detail of the car’s history and also TÜV Germany Check by VIN! After successful payment download Full VIN report Fahrgestellnummer prüfen instantly by clicking “Download” button at bottom of page.

VIN check Germany market

Its always good to check every used vehicle (VIN)

If you’re looking for a car, chances are you’ve considered importing one.

But is it worth the hassle? Is it too expensive? We’ll help answer these questions and more with our VINSPY service for VIN Check Germany. It’s quick, easy, and affordable!

Our team will do all of the work for you so that your imported vehicle can be registered in Germany or elsewhere in Western Europe. You just need to provide us with some information about yourself and the vehicle – we take care of everything else!

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What Is the German Used Car Market?

The German used car market is a sector of the car industry in Germany. It includes the trade and purchase of previously-used cars, as well as private and commercial car auctions. The used vehicle market in Germany is smaller than it is in other European countries, such as Spain and Italy, which has led to lower prices for second-hand cars.

If you’re looking to buy a used car, you’ll be able to find one at a German auction or by browsing classified ads online or through newspapers. Always check vehicle VIN code before buying.

How to Buy a German Used Car?

German used cars are in great demand, among the most popular are the BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Opel. It is especially advisable to buy a car through a rental company.

Buying a car in Germany should be done through a rental company. These companies have many different brands of cars available for sale including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen. It is very advisable to buy German cars because they are reliable and well-made.

Is it difficult to buy Used Car from Germany?

Some people might think that it is difficult to buy German used cars because of the language barrier but there are plenty of rental companies with English speaking staff or translations available on their websites. As long as one has good internet access and good knowledge of German it shouldn’t be too difficult to find what they need and make their purchase online. Used VIN Check Germany decoder for every purchase.


VIN Check shows vehicle information before purchasing any used car. The first step in buying any car is running a Free VIN Check to ensure the vehicle’s history, safety, vehicle inspection (TÜV).


(1462+ check reviews)

VINSPY Checker offers VIN code checking service for Europe vehicles

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