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Porsche VIN Check can reveal important information, like the history of any repairs it may need and its mileage. Checking this regularly is one of the best tips to protect your warranty.


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Porsche VIN Check

Porsche is a famous sports car, and it has the honor to be the world’s first hybrid car. Porsche gains fame because of its performance as a sports car and is praised by many car racers.

What is a VIN?

VIN is a sort of a fingerprint for your car. It is a number that’s unique to each vehicle. It makes sure that there is no fraudulent activity happening with your car. VIN stands for a vehicle identification number and is an identity for your car. Let’s go ahead and talk about where you can find your Porsche VIN Lookup.

Porsche VIN Check
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How to Find VIN in Your Car?

The most common parts are going to be right in front of the windshield. Each VIN is 17 digits long, and it is going to be unique for that particular vehicle. There are several other spots where you can also find your VIN. There is a big sticker inside the door or in the door jamb as you hop into your vehicle. There is also a bar code associated with that sticker, build date, the vehicle’s weight, and so forth. In new vehicles, you can also find the VIN under the heard or the trunk.

What is VIN Check?

So, let’s start with what each digit of the Porsche VIN decoder means by decoding it.

Suppose your Porsche VIN is WPOAA296XNS480158. The ‘W’ in it is actually for the country code. For instance, any car coming from German manufacture will start with ‘W.’ Now comes the ‘P.’ Well, that’s important as it stands for Porsche. Now the ‘O’ that you see as the third digit will cover either a sports car or SUV. The fourth digit has to do something with the model type. It could be A B or C that will have a car if the car is a coupe, such as Cabriolet, and they change from year to year. The fifth digit of the VIN covers the engine type, which can be A B, or C, just like the fourth digit, but this tells us what kind of engine it has and varies year after year. So, it could be a little bit different on all vehicles.

Moving on, the sixth digit tells you if your car has a restraining system or not and if it is active or passive. All the streetcars have 2 numbers, which means it has a passive restraint system. The 7th and 8th digits will be the model type, and this started with 1981 and all the way until 2001. For example, if you have a 997, these two digits will be 99. If it is 986, it will be 98. However, from 2010 onwards, they have changed that. Now, it will start from either an A or Y; that’s going to be for the tycoon. In the rest of the world’s vehicles, some of these items will be a little bit different. On the rest of the world’s cars, the cars in the countries other than USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, or Switzerland may still use 99 or 9X variants for their VINs.

Porsche VIN check

The 9th digit is a check digit, which’s the function of NATSA in the US, to prevent fraudulent VIN’s. There may be other regulations in other countries that may not be NATSA. Moving along to the 10th digit, this one is pretty important as it tells about the model year. Starting with ‘L’ in 1990, it moved on till ‘Y’ in 2000. And from 2001 onward, it goes in digits. That’s your Porsche 10th digits, which will tell you what year the car actually is.

It brings us to the 11th digit, which tells you where your Porsche was produced. There are several different plants where these Porsches are made. It could be either an ‘N’ that stands for Neckarsulm, ‘S’ for Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, ‘U’ for Finland that is only for 987 models, ‘L’ Leipzig, ‘K’ is for Osanbruke, and ‘D’ for Bratislava. The last five-digit number is a particular serial number for your Porsche that will make your car unique.

Why is VIN Important?

  • Buying a Porsche is a tough decision. When you purchase a second-hand car, the  Porsche VIN decoder will help you know whether the vehicle is the same as the seller is talking about. You can check the engine, seats, model, airbags, and so on just by using this VIN. As mentioned earlier, each digit and letter in Porsche VIN stand for the unique attribute about your vehicle; therefore, you can verify all these features by using this number.
  • By checking a VIN, you can know about the history of the car and its mileage.
  • With the help of VIN, it will be easy to trace thieves in case your car is robbed.
  • Several accident cases are reported every year; by VIN, you can come to know if the car was involved in some accident cases or not. This feature helps traffic wardens a great deal in tracing the vehicles involved in a particular accident.
  • You can also know whether your car was involved in some flood or earthquake damage.
  • Through the VIN, you can also inquire about whether your car was involved in some police cases or not.
Porsche VIN Decoder Check


VIN describes the car’s features, whether new or old, its production, year of launching, engine, etc. Therefore, it is always important to check the Porsche VIN Check before buying it. It will let you know whether you are purchasing a real Porsche or not. Checking your VIN is easy just by entering the code, and you’ll get all the information about your car. In old times, chassis numbers are used to check the car’s series, but now it is changed with VIN, giving you a complete history of the vehicle.

We hope we could give you guys just a little insight into how unique your VIN is to your Porsche and what each digit means when you decode your VIN.

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