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Volvo Car is a Swedish car manufacturer founded in 1927. Volvo AB and Volvo Cars, which manufacture trucks and construction machines, have been separate companies since 1999, when Volvo Car’s automotive production was acquired by Ford Motor Company. The next change of ownership took place in 2010, when the new owner of Volvo Car became the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. 

The first car developed in partnership with Geely is the Volvo XC90 presented in 2016.

The importance of vehicle history and dealership emissions certification is that it helps to protect consumers from purchasing a vehicle with high-polluting engine or one that has been in an accident.

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What Does A Volvo's VIN Number Mean?

Volvo’s are amazing and stylish looking cars. So if you own one, then you might be interested in getting to know where it came from and what kind of parts it has. To get to know about all these details you need to decode your VIN. VIN is the short-form of Vehicle Identification Number. This 17-character number is a mix of letters and numbers that hold information about the past of your car.

Before putting your number in a Volvo VIN Check site, you need to understand what each of those digits and characters means. After all, knowing this little detail will allow you to understand the decoded information better.

What do the characters in the VIN stand for?

  • First, their characters are used to identify the manufacturer of the car. So of course here it will indicate the Volvo company.
  • The next 4 to 8 characters indicate the body style, vehicle model, engine model, and more of the vehicle.
  • Note that character 9 refers to a code given by Volvo to validate the accuracy and efficiency of your car’s VIN.
  • Character 10 tells about the year the model of your vehicle was released. The next character 11 indicates the plant number that put together your vehicle.
  • Now, comes the characters 12-17. These characters show the serial number denoted to the car.

What to do if I can't find the VIN of my car?

Generally, you will find the VIN of your vehicle on the driver’s section of the car. It is there on the door jamb and also on the chassis of your car. Know that if your car’s model was released after 1987 then there will be more areas where this number will be stamped.

For example, you need to look at the engine, side-passenger door, and also on the fenders to find the number. If you can’t find the VIN then you can use the registration number to get the VIN from the DMVA office. However, note that you will most probably have to show various documents that confirm that you are the owner of your vehicle

How to choose the right site to check your VIN?

There are a lot of sites on the internet that offer VIN decoding facilities. Know that among them you should choose those which are official. Note that there are two kinds of official sites- one is government sites dealing with vehicles and the other are sites of the manufacturing company. However, note that you can use other sites that offer decoding facilities too. But you will most probably have to pay for it the services.

If you know the VIN of your Volvo then you will be able to find out more information about it. You will even get the blueprint of your car. This will make repairs easier and more accurate. Not to mention that you will get to know exactly what kind of parts to use. 

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