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Lithuania VIN Check  will give you key information about any vehicle before you buy it, including the specifications, accident history, odometer history. It also gives you an idea of the market value & available equipment.


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Buying a used car can be a real science because you are trying to get the best specimen for your money and the seller the best money for your specimen. How do you find a car that is as reliable as possible and what steps should be taken to get to the right car?

Always enter into a written buy-to-sell agreement with a fixed car seller, price, vehicle details, accessories and condition, mileage readings. In addition, everything you have agreed with the seller should be listed in the contract.

If possible, a pay for the purchase by bank transfer, so that the transaction remains a track record and possible disputes can be proven much easier later. Track who is the recipient of the money: whether the person in the contract and the seller are still the same. The Seller must provide you with a document certifying payment for the purchase of the vehicle.

List of Lithuania car sale site.


VIN Check shows vehicle information before purchasing any used car.


(1462+ check reviews)

VINSPY Checker offers VIN code checking service for Europe vehicles

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